Transportation & Parking

Complimentary Shuttle

Important details on event parking and transportation

A complimentary shuttle will be provided from the following hotels to the wedding ceremony as well as returning to the hotels during and after the reception:

Shuttle Pickup from Hotels

Fairfield Inn & Suites Tru by Hilton
Departure: 3:15PM Final Departure: 3:30PM

Shuttle Return from Reception to Hotels

From O’Brien Residence
Departure: 9:00PM Final Departure: 11:00PM

As a courtesy, please RSVP that you will be staying at the hotel so that we can ensure sufficient transportation is provided.

Need to book accommodations? Check out the nearby hotel accommodations or homes for rent.

Event Parking

Beach Bar & Restaurant

Overflow Parking Lot (East Lot)
3505 Ocean Beach Road
Clarklake, Michigan 49234

Please park in the overflow lot to the east, or back, of the Beach Bar & Restaurant building.

Alternative Transportation Options


There is very limited service for Lyft in Jackson, Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Other Taxi Services

There is very limited taxi service in Clarklake, Michigan and the surrounding areas, so we recommend setting up any transportation ahead of time, if needed.